Double Bachelor in Economics and Mathematical Engineering

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    360 ECTS

Double Bachelor in Economics and Mathematical Engineering

This Double Bachelor in Economics and Mathematical Engineering provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to design mathematical models and develop specific software to meet the challenges of the “new digital economy”.

The Bachelor in Economics enables students to analyse economic reality using a rigorous, quantitative and critical approach. They can apply this approach to different contexts, including macroeconomic and financial analysis, business management or public policy analysis. Economics has evolved into an empirical science that uses theoretical frameworks to analyse and understand data. Students will develop the necessary professional skills and knowledge to identify and anticipate opportunities, allocate resources, organise information, recruit and motivate people, make decisions, reach goals and assess results.

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The Bachelor in Mathematical Engineering aims to shape experts who can conceive and design optimal models and algorithms to effectively solve real problems faced by companies and society in general. Students learn how to model these problems mathematically, using linear and nonlinear systems of equations in the presence of data uncertainties, as well as how to implement computer systems that facilitate communication with software and hardware engineers. 

Future graduates will be able to build a career in industries such as banking, finance, insurance, logistics, or technology, or specialise in the development and innovation of sustainable systems. CUNEF Universidad provides all its students with user licenses for Maple and MATLAB, very powerful tools that they use to learn how to program and solve Mathematical Engineering problems.