CUNEF Alumni Association, created in 1994, represents the most important communication and networking platform for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree alumni.

More than 3,000 alumni are active members of the association and participate in ongoing training initiatives, seminars, conferences and other activities. The association celebrates an Annual Meeting in November and a Summer Party in June, providing alumni with the perfect chance to get together and expand their personal and professional network while they have a good time together.

The association regularly organises events, cultural visits, social and family activities, seminars, round tables, workshops and training for its members. These activities are paid for with members’ annual membership fee, which is currently €55.

Members also have access to job offers from partner companies published by CUNEF Universidad Careers Department.

Interview with Francisco Gómez Cereceda, President of CUNEF Alumni

What is the goal of CUNEF ALUMNI association?

One of CUNEF’s most important assets is our Alumni Network. Many individuals “live” for years inside the classrooms at CUNEF, acquiring knowledge and values, sharing time with classmates and friends, and striving to succeed. Many of those alumni are highly respected today for their experience and knowledge. CUNEF Alumni Association is a common bond shared by all these people. For over 20 years, it has promoted unity and fellowship among alumni. We want alumni to feel a sense of belonging, camaraderie and cooperation, and also to know that they can find support when needed. And we want them to know that they can count on it for life.


The association was created mainly to preserve the bond between CUNEF alumni on both a professional and a personal level. We publish a Members Catalogue annually, with all members’ contact details, and we have our own online platform to promote networking. One of our most important and successful roles is providing our members with access to CUNEF’s Job Bank. Thanks to an agreement with the University, the Careers Department promptly informs us of all existing job offers.

Additionally, the Board of Directors of CUNEF Alumni, of which I was recently appointed president after being a board member for years,

has transformed CUNEF Alumni into a much more active association in these last few years. Apart from the now traditional annual meeting where all the alumni have the chance to get together, CUNEF Alumni organised 37 different events in 2017. These events were both academic and recreational, including cultural visits, seminars, round tables and courses.

What is your message for the members of CUNEF ALUMNI association?

CUNEF Alumni Association is here to support all of us. As members of the Board of CUNEF Alumni, we see the association as the perfect channel to help students stay in touch, thus fostering our personal and professional growth. I hereby encourage all of you to become part of the association in the future. We’re counting on you.