Mission, Vision and Values

  • To provide individuals with solid scientific and cultural knowledge and the appropriate transversal skills to lead the changes and face the challenges of society, as well as the necessary abilities to successfully fulfil their life projects, using a teaching model defined by its rigour, innovation, and excellence.
  • To achieve excellence in research as a university and thus advance the frontiers of knowledge and attain international leadership in our areas of expertise (Business & Economics; Mathematics, Computer Science & Digital Business; and Law & Institutions).
  • To transfer the results of our research to society, thereby promoting the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and contributing to cultural, economic and social development.

  • A state-of-the-art, specialized University dedicated to public service and internationally recognised as a European higher education institution.
  • A University that strives to adapt to the needs of society and thus achieve the objectives established within its commitment to its stakeholders and society as a whole.
  • A University that can respond, from Madrid, to the reshaping of the new European financial hubs, while focusing on the challenges that are specific to Madrid, as a financial city, to contribute to its cultural, social, digital, and economic transformation.
  • A sustainable University that keeps sustainability at the heart of its mission and strategy and strives for environmental protection, social development, and sustainable economic growth.

  • High academic standards, to help us become a benchmark in education and research.
  • Commitment, to drive change and innovation, contributing to delivering an agile response to change.
  • Diversity, to integrate different perspectives, promoting mainstreaming and cooperation in decision making across all groups.
  • Equity, to ensure equal opportunities through a scholarship system that allows us to train professionals who then transfer these values into their surroundings.
  • Transparency and accountability in all our interactions with other institutions and groups.
  • Sustainability inspired by principles of environmental protection, social development and sustainable economic growth.