Double Bachelor in Business Administration and Computer Science

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Double Bachelor in Business Administration and Computer Science

The Bachelor in Business Administration provides students with solid training in all areas of public and private sector organisations, on a national and international level. It is designed to prepare professionals for a career in business, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in management and advisory roles in all types of organisations and business areas. Students learn to identify and anticipate opportunities, allocate resources, organise information, recruit and motivate people, make decisions, reach goals and assess results. On top of this, the programme includes courses in Data Science for business (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Programming).

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The Bachelor in Computer Science is designed to shape professionals who can provide efficient solutions to the technological challenges (involving software, hardware, networks…) faced by corporations, public administrations and society in general. Their job is to design solutions that strike a balance between conflicting goals without exceeding the restrictions they face in each situation. The Curriculum includes the necessary theoretical foundations based on Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Computing to enable students to develop, implement and maintain the software and hardware involved in modern data storage and management systems, which are crucial to today’s decision-making processes in any field.