Organisation and Contingency Plan for Academic Year 2021-2022

CUNEF Universidad is continuously monitoring the situation involving the health crisis caused by COVID-19, with the aim of ensuring that face-to-face teaching activities for next academic year 2021-2022 are carried out with all the necessary guarantees in terms of health and safety. The experience acquired during academic year 2020-2021, during which we have implemented all the necessary measures to ensure safety in face-to-face sessions, allows us to approach academic year 2021-2022 with more than enough guarantees.

In this context, CUNEF Universidad has prepared the following Organisation and Contingency Plan. It establishes a series of organisational, preventive and sanitary measures to preserve the safety and health of the university community, complying with the recommendations of the health and university authorities, and following the instructions of the Occupational Health and Risk Prevention Service.


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