The Banking Lab analyzes the risks and rewards of the non-bank financial sector

29 March 2023

The Spanish Institute of Banking and Finance held a new session of the Banking Lab today entitled “Risks and rewards of the non-banking financial sector”. The day’s activities focused on analysing this sector’s activities, complementary to financial intermediation by banks, paying special attention to current regulations, requirements and the role played by this sector in economic situations like the one we are currently living. The speakers agreed on the solvency and liquidity of Spanish banks in face of the turmoil in international financial markets.

The event, held in the Auditorium of CUNEF, was opened by María Abascal, Managing Director of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), and Manuel Balmaseda, Director of the Spanish Institute of Banking and Finance. The speakers then participated in a round table chaired by Edelmira Barreira, Deputy Director of Thinking Heads. Participants included Ángel Estrada, General Director of Financial Stability, Regulation and Resolution at Banco de España, Santiago Fernández de Lis, Head of Regulation at BBVA, and José Luis del Río, CEO of Arcano Asset Management.