Madrid Political Economy Workshop (MAPE)

22 September 2022

The Madrid Political Economy Workshop (MAPE) will take place in Madrid this coming 24 September 2022. Every year, the workshop brings together renowned experts in political economy from the most prestigious universities and research centres worldwide.


9:15Opening Speech
9:301st Keynote Speaker: Garance Genicot (Georgetown University): “Gerrymandering the Swing Voters”, with L. Bouton, M. Castanheira and A. Stahsko.
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Galina Zudenkova (TU Dortmund U): “Information and Communication Technologies, Protests, and Censorship”, with M. Ananyev, D. Xefteris, and M. Petrova.
11:40DiscussantMartin Hagen, CUNEF
12:00Daniel Kselman (IE) “Vote Switching and electoral competitiveness: a Panel Study and Quasi-Experiment”
12:40DiscussantSimon Chauchard, IC3JM
14:002nd Keynote Speaker: Shanker Satyanath (New York University): “The Fascist Roots of Migrant Labor Exploitation”, with M. Carillo and G. Dipoppa
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Boris Ginzburg (UC3M): “Troll Farms and Voter Disinformation”, with Philipp Denter
16:10DiscussantXiaoyan (Christy) Qiu, IE
16:30Sandra Garcia Uribe (BdE): “Economic Uncertainty and Divisive Politics: Evidence from the Dos Españas
17:10Discussant Jan Palguta, (UC3M/CUNEF)

This annual event, which was held for the first time in 2018, is organised by Professors Agustín Casas and Antoni-Italo de Moragas, members the Department of Economics at CUNEF Universidad. The mission of the MAPE Workshop is to encourage cooperation between researchers working in Madrid and disseminate their work both nationally and internationally. Its vision is to consolidate CUNEF Universidad as a European benchmark in Political Economy.

More than 100 researchers from all over the world have participated in the first four editions. The projects presented in CUNEF Universidad have been published in the most prestigious international journals. This year’s keynote speakers are Shanker Satyanath and Garance Genicot, who are professors at New York University and Georgetown University, respectively.

Among the members of the local research network that participate in the workshop every year, there are professors from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, CEMFI, Banco de España, or Universidad Pompeu Fabra, among others. The huge success of the MAPE Workshop, year after year, just goes to show that Political Economy is gaining more and more relevance as a science, and CUNEF Universidad’s leadership in this field is growing with it.