Other research activities

Research activity is also reflected, at CUNEF Universidad, in the participation of our researchers in relevant congresses, conferences and international forums related to their corresponding fields, as well as in the organisation, of activities designed to promote discussion and exchange of ideas between peers, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and opening up new possibilities for joint research projects with other universities.

Madrid Political Economy Workshop

The Madrid Political Economy Workshop (MAPE) will take place in Madrid this coming 24 September 2022. Every year, the workshop brings together renowned experts in political economy from the most prestigious universities and research centres worldwide.

Banking Lab

This research lab, coordinated by Professor Santiago Carbó, focuses on topics of interest to financial institutions. The lab, apart from developing projects that are relevant to the financial sector, organises analysis and discussion workshops with the participation of prominent experts in economics and finance.

2022 Wolpertinger Annual Conference on Banking and Finance

CUNEF Universidad recently hosted the 2022 Wolpertinger Annual Conference, which was held on our campus from 31 August to 2 September. This conference, organised by the Wolpertinger Club, focuses on the discussion of recent research findings in the field of Banking Economics.