Our clients

In Company training

Bank of Spain

We develop and deliver training programmes for Bank of Spain professionals on specific financial products (securitisations) and specific aspects of financial regulation.

Banco Santander

We have delivered specific conferences on the new regulatory environment and the new banking supervisory system for professionals of the bank’s risk team.


The Masters in Auditing and Accounting, aimed at the firm’s junior auditors, accompanies this group by providing them with solid knowledge in auditing, accounts and finance, as well as going into more detail concerning the ethical and regulatory aspects of the profession. During the Masters, this allows them to consolidate the technical knowledge with the different functions of the auditing profession (economic-financial and legal environment, regulatory standards relating to auditing and compliance, etc.). Together with the Consultancy Department, we have developed three training roadmaps for consultants specialising in the financial sector: paths that will accompany your professional development in the areas of banking, risk and insurance.


We design a blended programme for the company’s consultants where the main objective is to provide participants with a sound knowledge of the functioning of financial institutions, with the aim of assisting them in the daily tasks of offering services to the financial sector with high added value. We also work for our client providing training for their analysts in specific aspects associated with the analysis of financial statements and management control, as well as the principles of modelling and its application in the assessment of projects and investments. Every year we hold a variety of refresher conferences with senior managers to reflect on topics of special interest in the economic, financial or corporate areas.

Deutsche Bank

We train Deutsche Bank professionals and management through the CUNEF Executive Masters in Finance and Management. We provide training in economic, financial and tax areas for professionals in the bank’s credit risk department.


We have provided training in taxation to the consultants of the leading real estate consultant.


We have developed an In Company Masters in Banking and Financial Markets for Bankinter. A tailor-made training programme for young university graduates.


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