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CUNEF Universidad creates the Professorship of Exemplarity, chaired by the philosopher Javier Gomá

21 December 2023

CUNEF Universidad has created the Professorship of Exemplarity, chaired by the philosopher Javier Gomá Lanzón, to enhance and consolidate the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics & Economics. This initiative seeks to embed the contributions of Humanities in teaching and research in all fields of knowledge.

The Chair of Exemplarity’s activities will focus not only on students, but also on research and counselling, aimed at incorporating talent into CUNEF Universidad. These activities include Philosophy seminars with students, academic tutoring, and mentoring, and also organising round tables, as well as research events and workshops.

Javier Gomá Lanzón (Bilbao, 1965) has a degree in Classical Philology and Law, a PhD in Philosophy and is a Legal Advisor of the State Council (on leave of absence). He has been the Director of the Fundación Juan March since 2003. The philosopher has made exemplarity the common thread of his extensive philosophical work. He is the author of Tetralogía de la ejemplaridad (2003-2013) and Universal concreto. Método, ontología, pragmática y poética de la ejemplaridad (2023). His first book, Imitación y experiencia (2003), was awarded the National Essay Prize. 

He has also published Ingenuidad aprendida (2011), Filosofía mundana (2016), La imagen de tu vida (2017) and Dignidad (2019). His plays, now compiled in Un hombre de cincuenta años (2021), have premiered in public and private theatres in Spain.