Advisory Board of CUNEF Universidad

The Advisory Board of CUNEF Universidad will meet on 12 September. The Board is made up of recognised and prestigious national and international experts in scientific fields that are relevant to CUNEF Universidad’s areas of specialisation.

CUNEF Universidad is proud to introduce this governing body, which will be instrumental in helping the institution advance towards its objectives and uphold its commitment to excellence and specialisation, define its academic strategy, analyse and reflect upon the degrees that it must deliver, and promote its internationalisation.

Excellence and specialization represent the cornerstone of CUNEF since its creation. The model of educational excellence created 50 years ago to provide the financial sector with leaders was the foundation for the transformation, in 2019, into a university that lives by the same commitment to excellence and is ready to face the challenges posed by technology and a global market. CUNEF Universidad promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, while offering educational solutions that respond to the needs that may arise throughout a person’s career. Our goal is to meet the needs of a job market that demands constant innovation and newly-forged skills to lead the changes and face the challenges of society. At a time when technology has become a transformational element, CUNEF Universidad paves the way with new STEM degrees, integrating new skills and adding value to our knowledge in Finance, Economics, and Law and Institutions, showcasing CUNEF Universidad’s commitment to advancing knowledge through rigorous and relevant research.

The members of the Advisory Board are:

  • Mr. Carlos Julio Ardila
  • Mrs. Elena Ávila
  • Mrs. Marta Blanco
  • Mr. Demetrio Carceller Arce
  • Mrs. Béatrice De Clermont-Tonnerre
  • Mrs. Ana Jaureguizar
  • Mr. David Jimenez-Blanco
  • Mrs. Alejandra Kindelan Oteyza
  • Mr. Carlos Moreira Da Silva
  • Mr. Pedro Pérez-Llorca
  • Mr. Carlos Salazar
  • Mr. Juan Urdaneta


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