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9/6/2113:15OnlineGhazala Azmat, Sciences PoTBA
2/6/2113:15OnlineLudovico Rossi, CUNEFTBA
26/5/2113:15OnlineDuc Duy (Louis) Nguyen, King's College LondonTBA
19/5/2113:15OnlineJulien Sauvagnat, BocconiTBA
12/5/2113:15OnlineAlba Roldan, Universidad de AlicanteTBA
5/5/2113:15OnlineAlberta Di Giuli, ESCPTBA
28/4/2113:15OnlineYuliya Kulikova, Banco de EspañaFamily-Friendly Policies and Fertility: What Firms Got to Do With It?
21/4/2113:15OnlineAlfredo Martín-Oliver, Universidad de las Islas BalearesThe Real Effects of Bank Branch Closures
14/4/2113:15OnlineJavier Gil-Bazo, Pompeu FabraCan Machine Learning Help to Select Portfolios of Mutual Funds?
7/4/2112:00OnlineGabriele Gratton, University of New South WalesLiberty, Security and Accountability: The Rise and Fall of Illiberal Democracies
24/3/2113:15OnlineTeresa Dickler, Instituto de EmpresaThe Value of Flexibility in Multi-Business Firms
17/3/2113:15OnlineJulio Crego, TilburgTrades by Insiders and the Informativeness of Earnings Announcements
10/3/2113:15OnlineGabriel Ahlfeldt, LSEPrime Locations
16/12/2013:15OnlineClaudia Hupkau, CUNEFLabour Market Shocks during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Inequalities and Child Outcomes
9/12/2013:15OnlineAlvaro Remesal, CUNEFInstitutional investors' attention and stock price informativeness: Evidence from natural disasters
25/11/2015:00OnlineMilena Almagro, Minneapolis Fed/Chicago BoothLocation Sorting and Endogenous Amenities: Evidence from Amsterdam
18/11/2013:15OnlineDavid Martinez Miera, UC3MWho Truly Bears (Bank) Taxes? Evidence from Just Shifting Statutory Incidence
11/11/2013:15OnlineCharles Louis-Sidois, Vienna University of Economics and BusinessStrategic Timing of Political Influence
28/10/2013:15OnlineFrancesco Sobbrio, LUISSA Beam of Light: Media, Tourism and Economic Development
21/10/2013:15OnlineStefano Sacchetto, IESEStock Comovement and Financial Flexibility
14/10/2013:15OnlineGianmarco León-Ciliotta, Universitat Pompeu FabraHow Effective Are Monetary Incentives to Vote? Evidence from a Nationwide Policy.
7/10/2013:15OnlineDaniele Bianchi, Queen Mary University of LondonOn the Performance of Cryptocurrency Funds
30/9/2013:15OnlineYarine Fawaz, CEMFISocial isolation, Health Dynamics, and Mortality: Evidence across 21 European Countries
23/9/2013:15OnlineLucie Gadenne, WarwickInformality, Consumption Taxes and Redistribution
16/9/2013:15OnlineBorja Petit, CUNEFIntergenerational effects of child-related tax benefits in the US
27/05/202013:00Aula F5.4Patrick Verwijmeren, Professor of Corporate Finance at Erasmus UniversityTBA
20/05/202013:00Aula F5.4Andrea Colli, Professor of Economic History at Bocconi UniversityTBA
13/05/202013:00Aula F5.4Paolo Colla, Associate Professor of Finance at Bocconi UniversityTBA
06/05/202013:00Aula F5.4Marco Battaglini, Professor of Economics at Cornell UniversityTBA
04/05/202013:00Aula F5.4Matthias Kipping, Professor of Policy at Schulich School of Business (York University, Toronto)TBA
27/04/202013:00Aula F5.4Christian Laux, Prof. of Finance - WU Vienna - Department for Finance, Accounting and StatisticsTBA
22/04/202013:00Aula F5.4Leonidas Barbopoulos, Reader in Finance University of EdinburghDo financial advisors provide tangible benefits to acquirers in earnout-settled M&As?
01/04/202013:00Aula F5.4Álvaro, Iván & Miguel K. (CUNEF)TBA
25/03/202013:00Aula F5.4Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Associate Professor of Urban Economics and Land Development at London School of EconomicsTBA
11/03/202013:00Aula F5.4Cesar Martinelli, Professor of Economics at George Mason UniversityAssignment Markets: Theory and Experiments
04/03/202013:00Aula F5.4Alberta Di Giuli, Associate Professor in Finance at ESCP Europe, Paris CampusTBA
15/01/202013:00Aula F5.4Nagore Iriberri, Ikerbasque Research Professor of Economics at University of the Basque CountryBrave Boys and Play-it-Safe Girls: Gender Differences in Willingness to Guess in a Large Scale Natural Field
08/01/202013:00Aula F5.4José María Martín Flores, Assistant Professor of Finance at CUNEFExternal Corporate Governance and Capital Structure: Evidence from Media Coverage
11/12/201913:00Aula F5.4Jens Hagendorff, professor of Finance at University of Edimburgh Business SchoolDo Laws Change Minds? Evidence from Same-Sex Marriage Laws and Lending Practices to Sexual Minorities
04/12/201913:00Aula F5.4Hans Koster, associate professor of Spatial Economics at VU AmsterdamThe Welfare Effects of Greenbelt Policy
28/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Camille Terrier, assistant professor of Economics at HEC LausanneFiscal and Education Spillovers from Charter School Expansion
20/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Roberto Morales Arsenal, professor of Quantitative Methods at CUNEFImproving sharpness and calibration in Density Forecasting Combination using Bayesian Large Models
13/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Paolo Aversa, senior lecturer of Strategy at CASS Business SchoolOrder Flow Toxicity under the Microscope
06/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Mónica Martínez-Bravo, associate professor at CEMFIIn Vaccines we Trust? The Effects of CIA’s Vaccine Ruse on Immunization in Pakistan
30/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Roberto Pascual, professor of Finance at University of the Balearic IslandsOrder Flow Toxicity under the Microscope
23/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Luciano Campos, assistant professor of Economics at CUNEFAre Latin American business cycles synchronized?
16/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Salvatore Nunnari, assistant professor of Economics at Bocconi UniversityA Model of Focusing in Political Choice
09/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Michel Serafinelli, assistant professor of Economics at University of EssexCreativity over time and space
02/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Marc Goergen, professor of Finance at IE Business SchoolFirms' rationales for CEO duality: Evidence from a mandatory disclosure regulation
25/09/201913:00Aula F5.4Timo Sohl, assistant professor of Strategic Management at Universitat Pompeu FabraFirms' rationales for CEO duality: Evidence from a mandatory disclosure regulation
18/09/201913:00Aula F5.4José Luis Peydró, professor of Finance at Imperial College and ICREA Professor of Economics at UPFNonbanks, Banks, and Monetary Policy: U.S. Loan-Level Evidence since the 1990s

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