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18/12/201913:00Aula F5.4José María Martín Flores, Assistant Professor of Finance at CUNEFExternal Corporate Governance and Capital Structure: Evidence from Media Coverage
11/12/201913:00Aula F5.4Jens Hagendorff, professor of Finance at University of Edimburgh Business SchoolTBA
04/12/201913:00Aula F5.4Hans Koster, associate professor of Spatial Economics at VU AmsterdamTBA
28/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Camille Terrier, assistant professor of Economics at HEC LausanneTBA
20/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Roberto Morales Arsenal, professor of Quantitative Methods at CUNEFImproving sharpness and calibration in Density Forecasting Combination using Bayesian Large Models
13/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Paolo Aversa, senior lecturer of Strategy at CASS Business SchoolTBA
06/11/201913:00Aula F5.4Mónica Martínez-Bravo, associate professor at CEMFIIn Vaccines we Trust? The Effects of CIA’s Vaccine Ruse on Immunization in Pakistan
30/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Roberto Pascual, professor of Finance at University of the Balearic IslandsTBA
23/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Luciano Campos, assistant professor of Economics at CUNEFAre Latin American business cycles synchronized?
16/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Salvatore Nunnari, assistant professor of Economics at Bocconi UniversityTBA
09/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Michel Serafinelli, assistant professor of Economics at University of EssexCreativity over time and space
02/10/201913:00Aula F5.4Marc Goergen, professor of Finance at IE Business SchoolFirms' rationales for CEO duality: Evidence from a mandatory disclosure regulation
25/09/201913:00Aula F5.4Timo Sohl, assistant professor of Strategic Management at Universitat Pompeu FabraFirms' rationales for CEO duality: Evidence from a mandatory disclosure regulation
18/09/201913:00Aula F5.4José Luis Peydró, professor of Finance at Imperial College and ICREA Professor of Economics at UPFNonbanks, Banks, and Monetary Policy: U.S. Loan-Level Evidence since the 1990s
13/05/201913:00Aula F.5.4Amedeo Piolatto, UABWho sent you? Extreme voting, transfers and bailouts in a Federation
10/04/201913:00Aula F.5.4Federico Curci, CUNEFGentrifying cities: evidence from Google buses
03/04/201913:00Aula F.5.4Clara Santamaria, CEMFISmall teams in big cities: inequality, city size and the organization of production
13/03/201913:00Aula F.5.4Claudia Hupkau, CUNEFThe effect of investing in college facilities on student performance
26/02/201913:00Aula E1.1Andrei Kirilenko, Imperial College Business SchoolRisk and Return in High-Frequency Trading
20/02/201913:00Aula F.5.4Laura Castillo-Martinez, London School of EconomicsSudden Stops, Productivity and the Exchange Rate
14/02/201913:00Aula F.5.4Raffaele Corvino, Cass Business School (London)Dynamic ownership, private benefits, and stock prices
12/02/201913:00Aula F.5.4Asad Rauf, Vienna Graduate School of FinanceBank Stability and the price of loan commitments
04/02/201913:00Aula F.5.4José María Martín-Flores, ESCP Europe (Paris)Social Capital and Bank Misconduct
31/01/201913:00Aula F.5.4Antonis Kotidis, University of BonnRepo Market Functioning: The Role of Capital Regulation
30/01/201913:00Aula E1.1Sergio Mayordomo, Banco de EspañaMutual Funding
24/01/201913:00Aula F.5.4Ludovico Rossi, Henley Business School (Reading)Structural Models for Firm Bankruptcy Prediction
23/01/201913:00Aula F.5.4Alessandro Riboni, Ecole PolytechniqueFiscal Rules as Bargaining Chips
17/01/201913:00Aula F.5.4Olga Bogachek, Bocconi UniversityKeeping Quiet About Signals of Potential Accounting Weaknesses Until a Restatement: Are Disclosures of Beliefs about Material Weaknesses Delayed?
16/01/201913:00Aula F.5.4Christoph Basten, University of ZurichThe transmission of negative interest rates: evidence from Swisss banks
19/12/201813:00Aula F.5.4Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela, London School of EconomicsEntry Through the Narrow Door: The Costs of Just Failing High Stakes Exams
12/12/201813:00Aula F.5.4Miguel Almunia, CUNEFInformation, fiscal capacity and tax compliance in Uganda
28/11/201813:00Aula F.5.4Nikolaus Hautsch, University of ViennaLimits to Arbitrage in (Blockchain-Based) Markets with Stochastic Settlement Latency
21/11/201813:00Aula F.5.4Ricardo Alonso, London School of EconomicsTampering with Information
14/11/201813:00Aula F.5.4Aniol Llorente-Saguer, Queen Mary University of LondonRunoff Elections in the Laboratory
7/11/201813:00Aula F.5.4Eric Duca, CUNEF internal seminarEvidence on Capital Structure Theories from the Firm’s Lifecycle
31/10/201813:00Aula F.5.4Steven Ongena, University of ZurichTaxing Bank Leverage: The Effects on Bank Capital Structure, Credit Supply and Risk-Taking
25/10/201813:00Aula F.5.4Daniel Rees, Uniersity of Colorado DenverPublic Health Efforts and the Decline in Urban Mortality
17/10/201813:00Aula F.5.4 Alvaro Remesal, CUNEFHow important are dismissals in CEO incentives? Evidence from a dynamic agency model
10/10/201813:00Aula F.5.4Julio Caceres Delpiano, Universidad Carlos IIIMinimum Age Requirements and the role of the School Choice Set
3/10/201813:00Aula F.5.4Bruno Cassiman, IESEProfiting from Innovation: Firm Level Evidence on Markups
27/9/201813:00Aula F.5.4Brian Silverman, University of Toronto, RotmanPiece-Rate Compensation and the Performance of Non-Routine Work
26/9/201813:00Aula F.5.4Andrea Mattozzi, European University InstituteHow to pick a Winner: Betting, Screening, or Learning?” joint with Fabio Michelucci
19/9/201813:00Aula F.5.4Helios Herrera, University of WarwickFake Persuasion

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