Seminarios y otras actividades

CUNEF Universidad apuesta por la investigación como modelo de transferencia del conocimiento y promueve el intercambio de ideas y proyectos con otros profesores y centros de reconocida reputación a través de seminarios, workshops y otros foros de debate.


06/9/202312:00Deniz KattwinkelUNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON (UCL)Optimal Decision Mechanisms for Juries: Acquitting the Guilty
19/09/202313:15Timo SholUNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRADo Firms Proactively Build Internal Markets for Redeployment? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
20/9/202313:15Jan StuhlerUNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRIDIntergenerational Mobility and Assortative Mating in the US
26/09/202313:15Patrick VorstMAASTRICHT UNIVERSITYThe Informativeness of Balance Sheet Disaggregations: Evidence from Forecasting Operating Assets
27/09/202313:10Caterina CalsamigliaINSTITUTE OF POLITICAL ECONOMY AND GOVERNANCEThe design of university entrance exams and its implications for gender gaps
03/10/202313:15Martina BattistiGRENOBLE ECOLE DE MANAGEMENTStrategies for transforming sustainability orientation into performance: A configurational perspective
04/10/202313:10Erik SnowbergDAVID ECCLES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (UNIVERSITY OF UTAH)Valuing the Time of the Self-Employed
10/10/202313:15Vicente BermejoESADEGovernment Arrears and Corporate Decisions: Lessons from a Natural Experiment
17/10/202313:15Thorsten BeckEUROPEAN UNIVERSITY INSTITUTEInformation Sharing Access to Finance, Loan Contract Design and the Labour Market  
18/10/202313:15Sebastian DoerrBANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTSPrivacy Regulation and Fintech Lending
24/10/202313:15David WehrheimIESE BUSINESS SCHOOLInstitutional Ownership and Corporate Scientific Research
07/11/202313:15Jörg StahlCATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF LISBONDo firms benefit from participating in the World Economic Forum?
08/11/202313:15Pilar Nogues-MarcoUNIVERSITY OF GENEVANear-Money in History: Cryptocurrencies versus Bills of Exchange
Rob Corless
WESTERN ONTARIOThe fractal eigenvector
14/11/202313:15Markus SimethCOPENHAGEN BUSINESS SCHOOLBoard Independence and Markets for Technology
15/11/202313:10Stephan HeblichMUNK SCHOOL OF GLOBAL AFFAIRS & PUBLIC POLICY (UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO)Slavery and the British Industrial Revolution
Óscar Domínguez Bonilla
UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRIDSparse stability for Euler equations
22/11/202313:15Martin B. HolmUNIVERSITY OF OSLOAsset-Price Redistribution
Ananyo Dan
CUNEF UNIVERSIDAD Degeneration of topological spaces
29/11/202313:15David WeissTEL AVIV UNIVERSITYWomen's Liberation, Household Revolution
Irina ArévaloCUNEF UNIVERSIDAD Advances in Federated Learning
12/12/202313:15Antonio GarganoC.T. BAUSER COLLEGE OF BUSINESS / UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTONFighting Climate Change with FinTech
13/12/202313:15Minna PaunovaCOPENHAGEN BUSINESS SCHOOLFrom Heterogeneity to Inequality: How Nationality Diversity Affects Leadership Perceptions in Multinational Teams
David Trillo
CUNEF UNIVERSIDAD Backflow in the free 1D Schrödinger equation
19/12/202313:10Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis
Universidad Autónoma de BarcelonaA Quantitative Theory of the HIV Epidemic: Education, Risky Sex and Asymmetric Learning
Abel GuadaCUNEF UNIVERSIDADOptimal stopping of Gauss-Markov processes
08/01/202413:00Mariale Castellanos
UC3MImmigration, Parenthood and Child Penalties
09/01/202413:00Pello Aspuru
CEMFIDelaying the Coal Twilight: Local Mines, Regulators, and the Energy Transition
13:15Miguel Ángel Cabello Pérez
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Robust Estimation of non-Gaussian Dimension in Structural Linear Systems (SVARMA) models
10/01/202413:00Adrián Nieto
LISERTelevision and Academic Achievement: Evidence from the Digital Television Transition in the UK.
11/01/202413:00David Escamilla
Univ. of St. Andrews (AP)
The impact of violence during the Mexican Revolution on migration to the United States
13:00Joël Robert Terschuur
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Locally Robust Policy Learning: Inequality, Inequality of Opportunity and Intergenerational Mobility
15/01/202413:00Tom Raster
PSEBreaking the ice: The persistent effects of pioneers on trade relationships
17/01/202413:00hLukas Diebold 
Golden Fetters or Credit Boom Gone Bust? A Reassessment of Capital Flows in the Interwar Period
17/01/202413:00Antonio Raiola
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Testing Conditional Moment Restrictions: A Partitioning Approach
19/01/202413:00Juan Muñoz
IESEG School of Management (AP)
Signaling Specific Skills and the Labor Market of College Graduates
22/01/2024 13:15Alex Black
UC Davis
Monotone Paths on Polytopes in Combinatorics and Optimization 
22/01/202413:00Andrea Sy
UPFCredit and firm growth
13:15Leandro Marín Muñoz
Universidad de Murcia
White box cryptography: the last line of defense
24/01/202413:00Margarita Kirneva
CREST-Ecole Polytechnique
Informing to divert attention
25/01/202413:00Claudio Luccioletti
CEMFIShould Governments Subsidize Homeownership? A Quantitative Analysis of Spatial Housing Policies
26/01/202413:00Alina Ozhegova
Norwegian School of Economics
Assortment Choice and Market Power under Uniform Pricing
13:15Eduardo FernándezCUNEF Universidad
Lie-Hamilton systems: exact solution and quantum deformation
13:15Josef Schicho 
Johannes Kepler University 
Plane configurations of a framework
13:15Daniel García Rasines
Imperial College
Randomized selective inference
08/02/202413:10Philip Oreopoulos
University of Toronto
Teaching Teachers to Use Computer Assisted Learning for Facilitating Personalized Learning at Scale: Experimental and Non-Experimental Evidence
13:15Ignacio Crespo Rey
Pompeu Fabra
Superior Predictive Ability in Unstable Environments with an Application to Downside Risk Forecasts
16/02/202413:00Gabriel Brea-Martínez
Lund UniversityMaterfamilias: the association of mother’s work on children’s absolute income mobility, Southern Sweden (1947–2015)
19/02/202413:00Miriam Venturini
University of Zurich
The Imperfect Union: Labor Racketeering, Corruption Exposure, and Its Consequences
21/02/2024 13:15Rafael Sendra
CUNEF UniversidadParametrization Algorithms for Algebraic Curves and Surfaces: theory, methods and applications.   
21/02/202413:00Robert Stüber
NYU Abu Dhabi
Productivity Beliefs, Competition Entry, and Gender Quotas
13:15Pablo González Mazón
Centre Inria d'Université Côte d'Azur
Construction of birational trilinear volumes via tensor rank criteria
13:00Lorenzo Sauras-Altuzarra
University of Vienna A research project on the geometry of numbers 
13/03/202413:00Micael Castanheira
Do public goods actually reduce inequality?
13:15Pablo Olleros
Universidad San Pablo CEU 
Spin-Orbitronics: From Giant Magnetoresistance to Novel Computation Paradigms
Do public goods actually reduce inequality?
20/03/202413:15Joana Naritomi
LSETwo-tier Tax systems and firms: Evidence from Brazil
04/04/202413:15Siqi Wei
IE UniversityIncome, Employment and Health Risks of Older Workers
10/04/202413:00Roberto Galbiati 
CNRSScience under Inquisition: The allocation of talent in early modern Europe
16/04/202413:00Leonidas Barbopoulos
University of Edinburgh
The Real Effects of Dark Trading
17/04/202413:30María Hernández de Benito
University of Alicante
Firstborn Girls and Family Structure: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
23/04/202413:00Annita Florou
Bocconi University
 State Control, Related-Party Transactions and Audit Reporting: Evidence from Key Audit Matters
24/04/202413:10Helios Herrera
Warwick University
Alternative Worldviews, Distrust, and Populism
08/05/202413:00Antoine Loeper
Legislative Priorities and the Structure of Government
16/05/202413:00 Jorge de la Roca
University of Southern California
Skills allocation and urban amenities in the developing world