Winners of the 2015 Investment Banking Case Challenge

Bankinter have just announced the winners of the 2015 Investment Banking Case Challenge

Marta Blanco Alonso
Marta Díaz Fernández
Jaime Collado Vincueiro
Daniel Danés Valenzuela

Rafael Gonzalez de Abreu
Samir Iraszorza
Diana González Brandariz
Elena Fernández de la Cuesta

The Investment Banking Case Challenge is an annual joint event held together with Bankinter. The competition started in February, with 14 teams (56 students) competing for a place in the finals. Bankinter was very impressed by the quality of the reports that were handed in the initial stage. But only 5 teams made it to the final stage that was held in April, where they presented in front of Bankinter CEO María Dolores Dancausa. All the finalists made very convincing presentations, and it was hard for Bankinter to select the winning groups: Team Solveproblems, and Team Lions. Each student in these groups will receive a paid 3-month internship at Bankinter over summer!

Congratulations to all the students who took part!

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