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KITFEM mid-term review meeting with the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency

The MidTerm Review (MTR) meeting was held at CUNEF in Madrid, Spain on the 18thof May 2018. The MTR is a contractual obligation with the objective of meeting the project team, updating on the project progress, discussing any questions and finding improvements. It is therefore a unique opportunity to exchange views via a constructive dialogue between the project consortium and the Research Executive Agency. 

List of MTR attendees: Desislova Kolarova (REA Project Adviser), Rumen Gechev (external expert), Sylvia Rohlfer (Project Coordinator, WP 3 leader), Claudio Petti   (WP 1 leader – UNISAL), Veronica RosendoWP2 leader- CUNEF, Adoración Álvaro (WP5 leader- CUNEF), Jesús Rojo (WP6 leader –FMDI), Fabian Froese (WP4 leader- UGOE), Esther Cadiñanos (CUNEF), Simon Fietze (SDU), Lorenzo Quarta (EKA) , Marco Esposito (UNISAL) and Francisco Javier           Valderrey (ITESM)

31 Mayo 2018