“La enseñanza de la ética empresarial por medio de micro-inserciones integradas estratégicamente”

Artículo publicado por los profesores de CUNEF Sylvia Rohlfer, Cesar Gonzalez-Canton

Artículo publicado en Springerlink por los profesores de CUNEF Sylvia Rohlfer, Cesar Gonzalez-Canton


This article identifies an integrated teaching strategy that was originally developed for engineers, the so-called ‘micro-insertion’ approach, as a practical and effective means to teach ethics at business schools. It is argued that instructors can incorporate not only generic or thematic learning objectives for students into this method (i.e., the intended content of what is being taught: in our case, an underlying ethical base for doing business), but also do so via a strategically integrated approach regarding the appropriate mix and timing of these micro-insertions. With this in mind, we propose a qualitative and example-based approach that endeavors to provide a versatile way for business teachers to incorporate ethics into their general business classes. We also present a conceptual and theoretical framework that underpins this method, and we further provide a set of specific examples and a practical table that show how business instructors might integrate ethics-oriented micro-insertions into their teaching.

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