AEB Foundation, created by the Spanish Bank Association (AEB), is the owner of CUNEF Universidad and sole partner of CUNEF S.L.U.
The Board of Directors of CUNEF S.L.U is composed of:

Chairman of the Board
Mr. Antonio Rodríguez-Pina Borges

Members of the Board
Mr. Juan del Alcázar Narváez
Ms. Raquel Graciano Navarro
Mr. Mauro F. Guillén Rodríguez
Mr. Antonio Iglesias Sánchez
Mr. Ricardo Martín Manjón
Ms. Yolanda Martínez Bajo
Mr. Eutimio Morales López
Ms. María Paramés García-Astigarraga
Ms. Sofía Rodríguez Rico
Mr. Gonzalo de la Rosa Valverde

Secretary of the Board
Mr. Alfonso Caro Santa Cruz

The Advisory Board of CUNEF Universidad is made up of recognised and prestigious national and international experts in scientific fields that are relevant to CUNEF Universidad’s areas of specialisation.

The members of the Board are: