Petit Zarzalejos, Borja María



Office: F5.1


Borja Petit received his PhD in Economics from CEMFI (Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros) in 2019 with the thesis “Essays on Macroeconomic Policy”, obtaining a grade of Sobresaliente Cum Laude. Before joining CUNEF’s Department of Economics, he worked for a year in the Autoridad Independiente de Responsabilidad Fiscal (AIReF) as a member of the team in charge of the Spending Review project.

His research covers on topics related to macroeconomics, public economics, and family economics. His most recent research focuses on studying the factors that explain the intergenerational persistence of socioeconomic status (particularly the role of public policies), as well as the effects of regulation on aggregate productivity.


PhD in Economics, CEMFI (2019).

Master in Economics and Finance, CEMFI (2015) and Master in Economics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2013).

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management, CUNEF (2011).

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Family Economics




Analyst, AIReF (Spain’s Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility), 2019-2020.

Teaching Assistant Graduate Courses, CEMFI, 2016-2019.

Publications in Scientific Journals

Petit, Borja: “Aggregate effects of firing costs with endogenous firm productivity growth”, Macroeconomic Dynamics 27 (4), 945–965, 2023.

Costain, James; Nakov, Anton; Petit Borja: “Flattening of the Phillips curve with state-dependent prices and wages”, The Economic Journal,132(642), 546–581, 2022.



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