Álvaro Moya, Adoración


PhD: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Office: F5.3


Associate Professor of Economic History at CUNEF (Madrid). PhD in Economic History from the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and visiting research fellow at the Universities of Reading (UK), York (UK) and Jinan (Guangzhou, China). Her research has focused on the long-term effects of foreign direct investment in late-developing economies, and has been recognised with two awards by the Spanish Association of Economic Historians (AEHE). She has published close to twenty articles and book chapters in prestigious journals and collaborated on thirteen national and international competitive research projects. She is a co-editor of indexed journals Business History and Revista de Historia Industrial, General Secretary of AEHE and Secretary of the European Business History Association. She is currently leading a competitive research project on the origins of the Spanish innovation system (EXTASIS Project, PGC2018-098057-A-I00) and a work package within the EU-founded project EM4FIT (https://em4fit.sdu.dk/).

Research IDs:

Orcid: 0000-0001-5123-4008



PhD in Economic History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2010)

MSc in Economic History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2001)

BSc in Economics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1999)

Research Interests

Business and Economic History, International Business History, Foreign Investment Spillovers, Spanish Innovation System


Expert for the evaluation of research projects and postdoctoral grants, Spanish State Agency for Research, Academic year 2019/2020.

Assistant Professor, Universitat de Barcelona, September 2004 – September 2009.

Predoctoral Fellow, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, November 1999 – September 2004.

Publications in Scientific Journals

Álvaro-Moya, Adoración; Fellman, Susanna; Puig, Nuria: “Introduction”, Special Issue on “Foreign Investment and Development of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Capabilities in Host Economies”, Business History, 62, 7, 2020.

Álvaro-Moya, Adoración, Puig, Nuria; Torres, Eugenio: “Managing Foreign Knowhow and Local Human Capital: Urquijo Group and the Rise of Spanish Engineering Firms”, Business History, 62, 7, 1231-1253, 2020.

Puig, Nuria; Álvaro-Moya, Adoración: "The Long-Term Effects of Foreign Investment on Local Human Capital: Four American Companies in Spain, 1920s–1970s", Business History Review, 92, 425-452, 2018.

Álvaro-Moya, Adoración: “Networking Capability Building in the Multinational Enterprise: ITT and the Spanish adventure (1924-1945)”, Business History, 57, 7, 1082-1111, 2015.

Puig, Nuria; Álvaro-Moya, Adoración: “La huella del capital extranjero en España: un análisis comparado”, Revista de Historia Industrial, 58, 249-285, 2015.


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