Postgraduate admissions and place reservation process

Below we explain step by step the admissions process for postgraduate students. There are two processes which will need to be conducted simultaneously: one at CUNEF and another at the UCM.

Mandatory for all Master’s programmes


Admission Process

  1. Submit your solicitud de admisión online
  2. Enclose the following documentation with this admissions application:

a. CV.

b. Copy of ID card or passport.

c. Sworn copy of the student’s university academic transcript stating: official duration in academic years, curriculum, subjects studied and grades obtained.

3. Select a date to perform the admissions process. This may be conducted in person or remotely, depending on the personal circumstances of each candidate. The admissions tests comprise a written test and a personal interview.

4. Once the candidate’s tests and academic transcript have been appraised, CUNEF will issue a decision in the admissions process, and inform the applicant by telephone and email.

Place Reservation

  1. Selected candidates will need to pay the Place Reservation fee (€1,800) by bank transfer within a maximum of 10 calendar days of admission, using the following bank account:


    Branch: Miguel Ángel, 17, Madrid

    IBAN Code ES09 0030-1542-59-0000003271


  2. Once your place has been reserved, you will need to upload the corresponding confirmation to the CUNEF website.
  3. The Place Reservation fee forms part of the total academic fees from the Master’s programme and so is considered as an advance payment which will be deducted from the annual academic fees paid by the student.
  4. The Place Reservation fee will not be refunded unless the student can demonstrate that they did not successfully complete their university studies, or can give some other reason preventing them from studying on the Master’s programme in accordance with the enrolment conditions at CUNEF and the UCM.


Once the candidate has duly submitted the documentation required for enrolment by the deadline.

Mandatory for: University Master in Financial Institutions and Markets, University Master in Banking Law, University Master for Entry to the Legal Profession, and Dual Master in Banking Law and Entry to the Legal Professional)



The general entry requirements are as follows::

a. Hold a Spanish university qualification.

b. Hold a university qualification issued by a higher education institution belonging to a State that is a member of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and which entitles the student to enrol for Master’s courses.

c. Have obtained recognition or declaration of equivalence of a degree-level academic qualification, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, as the holder of an official university qualification under a non-EHEA educational system. In the absence of this recognition or declaration of equivalence, permission to enrol for official UCM Master’s programmes will be sufficient.

d. If permission to enrol for official UCM Master’s programmes is not held, applicants with qualifications or studies from educational systems outside the EHEA may apply for this by completing the application (Form 080) available on the institutional website, together with Appendix II of this year’s admissions process. Entry via this channel will not under any circumstances constitute recognition or declaration of equivalence of the prior qualification held by the applicant, nor acknowledgement of this qualification for any purposes other than to study on the Master’s programme.

e. Be studying for an official university qualification and be in a position to provide accreditation that the qualification has been obtained before beginning the Master’s programme.


Admissions applications must be submitted only via the Internet at the electronic address by the deadlines set by the university.

One single application will be completed, allowing up to a maximum of three Master’s programmes to be selected by order of preference.

Students will be admitted on to just one of the requested Master’s courses in accordance with the stated order of preference, and may be placed on a waiting list for another/others.

Documentation to be provided

Some documentation must be submitted as a mandatory requirement together with the electronic form, by the deadlines established for applications and in PDF format.

For applicants with Spanish qualifications or studies and those from educational systems belonging to the EHEA: 

  • Spanish ID or residency card, or passport.
  • Qualification providing study entitlement, Replacement Certification, confirmation of payment of issuance fees, Diploma Supplement (DS) or, if the required entry studies have not been completed when the application is submitted, the UCM Qualification Issuance Commitment form (available on the institutional website and in Appendix III to this year’s admissions process).
  • CV detailing academic and professional training.

For applicants with qualifications or studies from educational systems outside the EHEA: 

  • Spanish ID or residency card, or passport.
  • Resolution of recognition or declaration of equivalence of academic qualification and level, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Otherwise, an entry permission decision (except in the case of applications for Master’s programmes that provide entitlement to practise regulated professions).
  • Initially, and on an exceptional and conditional basis, applications may also be accepted for consideration from students who have studied under educational systems outside the EHEA if they provide the documentation required for entry permission without legalisation and/or without an official translation, in which case they must, if they are admitted, provide the Recognitions Bureau with said documentation duly legalised and translated (original and copy) at the earliest possible opportunity, and in the case of photocopies, with sworn confirmation from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the country that issued the documentation.
  • CV detailing academic and professional training.

Application deadlines and admissions dates

The enrolment deadlines for this academic year are pending publication.


Los plazos de matriculación correspondientes al presente curso académico están pendientes de publicación. Toda la información se podrá consultar en la web de la UCM. 

Official costs and CUNEF fees

Academic feesSingle paymentPayment in 3 instalments*Payment in 9 instalments**
MsC in Financial Institutions and Financial Markets (spanish and english)€ 20,800€ 19,000€ 6,333€ 2,111
International Period in London (optional)€ 9,000€ 9,000
LL.M. in Banking Law and Financial Markets & Institutions€ 18,500€ 16,700€ 5,567€ 1,856
Master of Laws
Year 1€ 9,700€ 7,900€ 2,633€ 878
Year 2€ 2,530€ 2,530€ 843
Double Master in Lawyering (Law and Banking Law & Financial Markets and Institutions)
Year 1€ 22,000€ 20,200€ 6,733€ 2,244
Year 2€ 2,750€ 2,750€ 917€ 306
Master in Data Science for Finance€ 17,600€ 15,800€ 5,267€ 1,756
* (October-January-March)
** (October-June, inclusive)


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