Executive Programme admissions and place reservation process

Below we explain step by step the admissions process for Executive Programme candidates.

Admissions Process

  1. Submit your online admissions application
  2. Enclose the following documentation with this admissions application:/li>

a. CV.

b. Copy of ID card or passport.

c. Photocopy of University Qualification


A personal interview is conducted with the Director of the Executive Programme for which the candidate is applying. Candidates based outside Madrid may request a personal interview by Skype.


Following an internal appraisal of the candidate profile, CUNEF will inform applicants by telephone and email of the outcome of the tests.

Place Reservation

  1. If the process is successful, selected candidates will need to pay the place reservation fee (€1,800) by bank transfer within a maximum of 10 calendar days of admission, using the following bank account:


    Branch: Miguel Ángel, 17, Madrid

    IBAN Code ES09 0030-1542-59-0000003271


  2. Once your place has been reserved, you will need to upload the corresponding confirmation to the CUNEF website.
  3. The place reservation fee forms part of the total academic fees from the Executive Programme and so is considered as an advance payment which will be deducted from the annual academic fees paid by the student.
  4. The remaining amount may be divided into three or nine instalments at no extra cost, by enclosing the direct debit form with the admissions application.

Official costs and CUNEF fees

Academic fees  Single paymentPayment in 3 monthly instalmentsPayment by instalment (*)
Executive Programme – Corporate Finance€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967
Executive Programme – Bank Mangement€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967
Executive Programme – Investment Management€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967
Executive Programme in International Finance€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967
Executive Programme – Corporate Risk Management€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967
Executive Programme – Control and Strategy€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967
Executive Programme – Data Science and Digital€ 10,500€ 8,700€ 2,900€ 967

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