Casas, Agustín Alberto

Departamento: Economía


Agustín was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute and a lecturer at Universidad Carlos III. His research is focused on the effects of market and non-market institutions on individual and aggregate outcomes. In particular, he studies the effects of formal and informal rules of organizations on the economic and political outcomes. His research was published in international journals like Journal of Public Economics, American Political Science Review and Economic Inquiry and has been cited by media outlets (CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Slate, La Nacion).

Please visit my personal website:

Formación Académica

Ph.D. Economics, Northwestern University.

M.A. Economics, Northwestern University.

M.A. Economics (thesis pending), Universidad de San Andres.

B.A. Economics, cum laude, Universidad de San Andres.

Áreas de interés


Applied Micreoconomics, Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Industrial Organization.

Trayectoria profesional

Academic Experience

2012-2016, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, (visiting) Assistant Professor.

2011-2012, European University Institute, Max Weber Fellow.

Non-academic experience

2002-2003, Jefatura de Gabinete & Ministry of Defense, Argentina.

Summer 2001-2002, Antitrust Office, Argentina

Publicaciones en revistas científicas

Economic Theory, 2019. Ideological Extremism and Primaries.


American Political Science Review, 2018, Distributive Politics with Vote and Turnout Buying112(4), 1111-1119. doi:10.1017/S0003055418000291


Journal of Public Economics, 2017, "Who monitors the monitors? Effect of party observers on electoral outcomes."  (w/ G. Diaz and A. Trindade)

See media coverage here.


Economic Inquiry, 2016, "Surprise me if you can: Effect of Newspaper Endorsements on US Presidential Elections." (w/ Y. Fawaz and A. Trindade)

See media coverage here.


Economics Letters, forthcoming, "Populism and Income Redistribution" (with Luciano Campos)

Applied Economics Letters, 2015, "Altitude as handicap in rank-order tournaments" (w/ Y. Fawaz)


Submitted papers, working papers and work in progress can be found here.



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