Digital Finance: How Fintech Is Transforming Banking And Finance

Directores del programa: Prof. Steven Zitzer y Prof. Dr. Fernando Moroy

Duración: 1 semana o 2 semanas

Coste del Programa: 650 € (1ª o 2ª semana) o 1.300 € (Curso completo)

Fechas de impartición: del 4 al 8 de julio y del 11 al 15 de julio del 2016

Horario de impartición: 9:30 horas a 14.00 horas



Proceso de Inscripción y Matrícula

Vida en Madrid

“Get ready to face the future of finance, one that may be very different from the past. Technological change has already disrupted industries such as transport (Uber) and lodging (Airbnb). Today, finance is also being subject to these innovative game changers. The goal of this course is to give students an understanding of how this innovation is rapidly transforming the finance and investment landscape. Using fundamental concepts and practical tools, we will provide participants with the skills to understand what is happening and how to respond”

Prof. Steven Zitzer y Prof. Dr. Fernando Moroy